It’s all about community: Buderim named most in-demand regional suburb

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The Covid-19 pandemic saw an exodus of city-dwellers into the Australian regions, keen to benefit from more space and a slower pace of life, especially as working-from-home arrangements became the norm. This movement of people from town to country has even been dubbed a ‘regional renaissance’. In all, some 43,000 people moved to regional Australia in 2020 – the highest number since records began!

To assess the situation, unpacked the data across a range of categories, and found that Buderim on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is the most in-demand regional location in the country. Various explanations for the town’s top ranking have been proposed, from comparative housing affordability to climate and geography, but community spirit may provide one the most important reasons.

This is something that our own Buderim Foundation have worked hard to cultivate in cooperation with the local Community Association. A great example of the area’s sense of togetherness was the launch of the Thompson Charitable Trust in April 2021. While many suburbs in regional Australia can boast great weather and beautiful landscapes, Buderim’s community-mindedness undoubtedly makes it stand out.

Simon Whittle, lifetime Buderim resident and ACP and Buderim Foundation board member, said the area has “an ingrained sense of community spirit that makes living in the town so desirable” which has resulted in “an abnormal level of cooperation and volunteerism.” It’s no wonder the place has grown from a small farming community of 400 resident in the 1940s to a residential precinct of over 40,000 today.

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