Community Philanthropy News | 3 April 2020

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This edition of Australian Community Philanthropy news comes to you from our home offices. The ACP team is maintaining physical distance while working hard to stay connected in other ways with each other and with you – our members, partners and friends.

Social isolation to help limit the spread of an infectious disease is essentially an exercise in mass solidarity.

Solidarity is about recognising our common humanity and acting in the interest of the common good. These are polar opposites to self-interest, individualism and identity politics that have driven so much public debate in recent years.

In a world where solidary is paramount, community philanthropy comes into its own. No-one does ‘better together’ better than community foundations and our international network of CF peak organisations. We salute you all for outstanding community leadership in the face of adversity.

This newsletter could be entirely filled with case studies from around the world on how community foundations are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have curated a small selection for you to dip into, if you have the headspace and time for it.

I hope you’re all safe and well as you’re reading this. ACP would love to hear from you how you’re doing in ‘working-from-home’ mode. As I suspect many of us are discovering, WFH is not all sunshine and yoga pants…

Many of us have a lot to be grateful for even at this time, and if we are able to make life a bit easier for others, it is our responsibility to contribute what we can. Let’s work with our communities to help people stay safe, sane, connected and informed.

Yours, in solidarity (and yoga pants),

Gerlinde Scholz
Executive Officer

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