Community Philanthropy Monthly | January 2020

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Is it really only three weeks since the start of this new year? Following disastrous bushfires and weeks of smoke turning the air we breathe into a hazard, 20 January brought different news: hail wreaking havoc in Canberra, a massive dust storm in NSW, and rain causing flash flooding in parts of Queensland – all on the same day.
The common theme is extreme weather and its consequences. After decades of predictions that this was what we could expect under global warming as the climate changed, it seems the future has arrived.

As communities count the cost in lives and homes lost, families traumatised, livestock and wildlife decimated, economic losses, Australia’s image as a travel destination trashed, we realise with apprehension that we are only halfway through summer.

What are we to do? We know we can’t do everything that needs to be done. We also can’t do nothing. So let’s do something, and let’s remember that we can always do better together.

Community philanthropy has an essential role in disaster response, rebuilding, long-term recovery and fostering resilient communities. ACP will work with Community Foundations throughout Australia to support your front-line efforts and connect you to each other and to our sector partners and supporters.

We are grateful that as far as we know Community Foundation practitioners in our network are safe. Not everyone in those communities has been so fortunate, and Community Foundation volunteers at the front line are exhausted. We salute your outstanding work and resilience. Stay safe, everyone!

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