Members: Help us bring our new brand to life with your photography

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Last month, ACP members received a special briefing about our re-branding plans, now we need your help to bring it to life. We are seeking imagery to help shape our visual identity, building an image library for ongoing use in a variety of contexts. 

General Use Photography 

Across print publications and digital assets, ACP / Community Foundations Australia uses images to accompany the stories we are telling, to illustrate the work or capture the spirit of community foundations around Australia.  

Until now, we have largely relied on stock imagery, and some of you do too, but this comes with some downsides. Typically, things look staged: the right people looking the right amount of happy. Stock photos often feel impersonal – not very on-brand for us. Above all, stock photos rarely look Australian, and this doesn’t work for an organisation so intimately tied to place

We will continue to use stock imagery in some instances, but we also want to build up a bank of photographs from you, our members. We want to showcase and promote the communities you serve, the work that you do – and we would love to see the great variety of places, people and organisations that make up our CF network represented, from the inner city to the outback, Queensland to Western Australia and all places in between.  

We’re asking you to share what is special about the place you call home and its people and what you love about your community and your work. We’ve put together some ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration: 

  • Your local environment, whether that’s the bush, country town, or city streets. 
  • The diversity of your community. 
  • Your organisation’s activities in situ – natural shots of you, your members and volunteers doing what you do best. 
  • Important community assets  
  • Initiatives and projects  

Portraits and group photographs 

It’s always nice to put a face to a name. As we build our new website, we will be working on a series of member profiles that we hope will one day be expanded to include a profile of all member organisations. As we cover more stories from you, about you and even by you on the blog, we’ll also need photos to go alongside them. 

We would love to have professional portraits of key members in your organisation on file, if you have these available (we’re not asking you to get these taken if not!). In addition, any group photos you have and wish to share with us – for example, at events or award ceremonies – would be very gratefully received. 

Requirements and agreement 

  • Please submit only high-resolution, original photos as JPEGs or TIFFs. 
  • Image resolution needs to be a minimum 300 dpi. 
  • Please include any required photographer credit.  
  • Where required, identify those in the photo by name, and include the date, place, and any other pertinent details about the photo. 
  • By submitting your photo to ACP, you acknowledge that you own the rights to the use of the image, and that you have permission from any individuals that are recognisable in the photo to publish and share their photo.  
  • By sharing the image with us, you are giving ACP a non-exclusive licence to use it in printed material, online, and/or on our social media channels.  
  • ACP is under no obligation to publish any image provided.

Please get in touch to provide photography today.

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