Community Philanthropy News | 16 March 2021

Last Monday was International Women’s Day, usually a date we mark with some form of celebration. This year, well-publicised cases of violence against women have sparked public anger, vigorous debate, and clashes with authority in both Australia and the UK, giving cause for pause and reflection. In these moments of disconnect between the sentiment of […]

Community Philanthropy News | 9 November 2020

It is great news that COVID19 now appears to be under control around our country and we are moving towards ‘COVID-normal’, even in Melbourne. Who knew that simply catching up with a friend could be such a brilliant experience?

Community Philanthropy News | 26 October 2020

Our 2020 Forum became a pandemic casualty, like so many other events this year. We are waiting with burning patience for the opportunity to bring our community foundation network together again when we can do so safely.